About the Author

Can this photo be any more grainy?

Michael Adams lives with his wife and two children in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. During the day he works full time as a Lead Systems Analyst coding pension calculation logic.

At night, it’s a different story. Once the screaming of children has subsided, he retreats to his basement where he reads, writes, and/or absorbs himself in video games.

Fun Facts about Michael:
o He is an Eagle Scout
o He’s pulled struggling children out of bodies of water twice in his life
o He had a short stint as a game developer

Favorite Book Series:
o Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
o Infected by Scott Sigler
o Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey

Favorite Games: (PC Masterrace)
o Witcher 3
o Minecraft (Don’t judge)

Favorite TV / Film:
o Most things Marvel (Team Iron Man)
o Supernatural
o The Expanse